Wine has enriched my life in many ways. It has expanded my knowledge of different regions, cultures and cuisines and has encouraged lifelong friendships. It has become a central point of many memorable, cherished and enjoyable experiences in my life…moments shared with people whom I care deeply about. A few decades ago, a bottle of wine changed my dining experience and inspired me to study — through textbooks and tastings — the complexity of this “fruit” that became “wine”.

Although my journey is still in its infancy, my focus is based on the idea that wine is made in the vineyard and the vineyard’s terroir significantly contributes to the character and complexity of the final product.

Join me on this journey and enjoy my unique wines produced from some of the best terroirs and microclimates in California.

Fernando B. Fernandez
Certified Sommelier, CMS

Take a Closer Look…

Explore the viticultural regions, lush vineyards and rugged terroir of California’s Santa Barbara wine country. Made from complex soils and rocky terrain, the appellation’s rolling peaks and valleys nestled just off the Pacific coast enjoy a long, fruitful growing season.

The area’s Santa Rita Hills and Santa Maria Valley are the home of both Co^lluvial™ and our sister-brand, ClusterFreak™. The depth and character of our wines is rooted in the mineral-rich foundation of these regions, where the soil is a distinct integration of clay, loam, shale and sand.